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Mars Watch Support

Thanks for using Mars Watch. I hope its been an invaluable tool to help you plan your next trip to Mars. If there’s anything in the App you’re not sure of, hopefully you’ll find an answer here.

The time on my Apple Watch Complication isn’t updating

To save power, your Apple Watch only updates your complications when its most efficient to do it. That means I can’t rely on the time updating as often as I’d like. I’ll keep working on getting this as accurate as possible, but it seems Apple never expected time other than earth times to be displayed!
To make sure you get the most accurate time, tap the complication to load the Apple Watch App and get the current time.

The weather data hasn’t changed for a while

NASA’s Curiosity rover sends data back periodically, on average around every 48 hours, but sometimes it can be longer. Try waiting a day or two for an update.

I’d like to see temperatures in Fahrenheit

You’re wrong. You’d like to learn to use a practical, non-antiquated, logical unit of measurement.

Got a question not listed here?

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