What I Learned This Week 17/11/16

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History Isn’t Comfortable

Historical reenactments are a popular pastime in the southern USA, the former confederate states re-play their somewhat questionable history in a way that skin-deep looks like harmless fun. The moment you begin to question what is being celebrated it raises some awkward questions about where the US still is regarding race.
I found this Guardian Long Read (also as a podcast) about a rather different kind of reenactment lead me to a lot more questions, and no answers. The whole event is a fascinating investigation of race, history and society in a way that feels very uncomfortable. As to wether this is as distasteful as celebrating the confederate flag, I think that could be easily argued. Ultimately though it is an important piece of folk history that I think many would happily forget.

The Internet Has A Human Firewall

The internet, for all its brilliance, can be a horrible place. For most of us its always possible to move past the worst parts, they can be avoided, or prevented, or we can just turn off. Imagine not just being subjected to the internet’s detritus, but to have it directed at you, all day, every day.
Moderation is difficult, so much of it has now been removed from automated systems, and into the hands of real people. Perhaps with the advancement of Neural Networks the task will get easier so we don’t have to have a firewall of real people so the rest of us don’t get upset. It would sure be a more worth use than Pictionary.

Frogs Don’t Like Space

I wanted something lighter to end on, but I’m not sure if this is just as grim. Frogs don’t like space.