What I Learned This Week 10/11/16

What I Learned This Week is a weekly blog of small dollops of info I remember from the previous 7 days. It covers a wide range of topics, often tech, but sometimes wrestling, beer and a random selection of other things too. Have anything to add, find me on Twitter

I’m a Git

I’ve always been somewhat arms-length with source control, when programming alone its not as essential as when in a team. So I’ve so far been using a cobbled together system of Time Machine and iCloud Drive, that works far simpler than it sounds. Combined with a commit to git when I release.
Listening to a recent edition of soon-to-be-not-for-this-world podcast Mobile Couch has convinced me I really should be making more use of git, even if just for feature tracking. So far it has enabled me to (almost) seamlessly switch between development machines, and regular commits have helped me track my work far more than before. So if you’re in a team of one, and not using source control, I’d really suggest taking a closer look.
Mobile Couch is an entertaining iOS dev based podcast, that unfortunately only has a few episodes left in its run, so while its still around I’d also like to recommend a second episode I listened to this week that took an interesting look at technical interviews and the questions you might get asked.

Presidenting is Hard

I will try to keep political commentary to a minimum in this blog, failing to do so would result in some very long, ranty posts. But I was struck by this WSJ piece (paywall) on the Obama - Trump transition. It seems being President of the worlds most powerful country is harder than a sociopath might think.

How to be Swift

Great video here from RWDevCon about programming in a swift style for Objective-C programmers. Some great tips for those like me who are still stuck in thinking about Swift through the frame of Obj-C.

Shakespeare on the ‘Alt-Right’

Superficially Shakespeare feels ancient, but get past the language, and the themes and events are timeless, even prescient. This scene from Measure for Measure tackles the threat of sexual abuse, with the line “Who will believe thee, Isabel?”