What I Learned This Week 1/9/16

What I Learned This Week is a weekly blog of small dollops of info I remember from the previous 7 days. It covers a wide range of topics, often tech, but sometimes wrestling, beer and a random selection of other things too. Have anything to add, find me on Twitter

Never Say Never

I was reading earlier in the week about the Chrystal Maze, I don’t even recall why now. but I was reading several articles about how Channel 4 hadn’t really embraced the Maze the same way they would with other big name Channel 4 brands, especially given the popularity. Channel 4 like to build a brand about their stars and use them to cross promote. Richard O’Brien and Ed Tudor-Pole both made similar statements, and neither seem too happy with the way things turned out.
So I was about to add that I’d learnt that The Chrystal Maze would never be coming back, then…
Unfortunately it will be a celebrity version, completely misunderstanding half the charm of the original, and if its full of LED light boards it will miss the other half too. But 21 years of nostalgia makes up for a lot, and I know I’ll be watching regardless!

iOS can learn a lot from Android

Android development uses an pre-compiled resources file called R to store assets such as strings, colours, images and other resources used in the UI. iOS doesn’t, this means you can provide these resources however you like, but having them in one specified location has a lot of benefits. Because everything is stored together, you can reuse items, change loads of things in one go, and easily localise. So Mathijs Kadijk has created this great project R.swift to bring all of these benefits to Swift.

Android can learn a lot from iOS

It seems the latest Android update is a bit of a mess, because its not really anyones responsibility to maintain devices. The chip manufacturers, the handset manufacturers, and Google are all to blame, but also none of them are really responsible. Next time I moan about Android fragmentation making App development difficult I’ll make sure I spare these guys a thought!

Wrestling needs Pat Patterson

I have huge admiration for Pat Patterson, born in the 40s, he’s still working daily in a creative role with the WWE. He also created the Royal Rumble, my favourite match of the year. In creating the Rumble he took a pretty boring concept for a throwaway match - a Battle Royale, and turned it into the must-watch event of the year.
Patterson is also gay, although not publicly so until recently, this was an open secret since the 60s. Oddly, a business where men touch each other up while wearing just pants every day sometimes has a problem with homosexuality, see Chris Kanyon, or characters like Billy and Chuck. Pat always felt embraced, as was his partner Louis who accompanied him everywhere.
Pat has a book(£) coming out, so there are several interviews around from this usually behind-the-scenes guy, here’s a recent one from Steve Austin that covers a lot of the early days. Its always fun to listen out for Patterson’s inability to grasp the use of plurals in the English language.

I can update users whenever a file changes

KZFileWatchers is a neat project for Swift that will notify your app whenever a specified file changes. Great for instantly updating UI.

Typing ° on iOS is easy

Not a character I use every day, but in the past I’ve googled degrees and copeied and pasted. Turns out I can just hold down 0.